F “Pikiran aku riuh.”

CS “Semangat berdamai sama pikirannya ya” :)

Hai, ini aku. Seseorang yang memiliki motivasi untuk tidak menyesali kehidupan, seorang perfectionist yang ingin menjadi seorang istri, ibu, anak, abdi negara, pendakwah, guru, murid, sahabat, penulis, orator yang baik.

“greedy”, sure. Hmm.. well, I call it “push myself until the limit”. I don’t want to give up to be the better version of myself for my future.

I believe Allah has gave us abundant of resources, like I said in my philosophy of life. So, there will be solution for any problem. Yet, when people keep comparing themselves to the others, they will end up stuck in their mind. Well, we can’t achieve everything but we can focus — make your priorities come true. Here at lease something that (I think) need to be prepared by myself:

  1. Parenting (nutrition, teaching math, science, history of Islam)




Risk Taker | Problem Solver

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fanny arumsari

fanny arumsari

Risk Taker | Problem Solver

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